ABOUT US who we are...

ÁGUEDA ASESORES – GESTORIA ÁGUEDA, created in 1994, is a professional team of accountants, with subsidiary offices in IRUN.

We offer companies an efficient and professional advisory and consultancy service, so they can fully devote themselves to their own businesses.

Our intention to continually improve the quality of our service, the staff at AGUEDA ASESORES work hard to get to know your company, its commercial environment and main goals.

Trust our chartered Administrative and Tax Advisors,
as well as our registered Tax Agents.

Our services are focussed on :

  • Tax Consultancy

  • Labour Consultancy

  • Accountings

  • Administration Consultancy

ÁGUEDA ASESORES offers every means and all our energy to work for you.


Within the services we can offer, you will find a wide and complete variety of solutions for your business...


You may fix an appointment with us and we´ll give you advice and answer to your questions in our office in Irun...


Please use our contact form to let us know your questions or advice requests...

AGD Servicios Empresariales, S.L.

Calle Luis Mariano 14, 2º-B
20302 IRUN
T. +34 943 626 988
F. +34 943 633 708