SERVICES Business advisors...

Agueda Asesores offers the largest and most complete range of services and solutions.

Highly qualified staff to meet our clients’ needs.

Our aim is to provide you with the best financial option, always under the law in force, so your tax burden is minimized.

Tax Consultancy

  • Advice on setting up a business, registration of company names, redaction of company statutes.

  • Registry for Tax, obtaining a NIF (Tax Identification Number).

  • Tax Returns.

  • Official Accounting.

  • Compulsory accounts books.

  • Dealing with the Tax Administration Organizations.

  • Dealing with the Tax Inspection Office.

  • Register of Companies.


Our Labour Advisors staff are in charge of management and advice on social legislation, and can help our clients to decide on the best employment options, subsidies, payrolls and liquidation of social insurance contributions.

Given that we belong to the Seguridad Social RED system, we can perform most of these formalities on-line.

Most common services:

  • Company registration and labour documents.

  • Labour inspection compulsory book.

  • Incorporation, dismissal and resignation of employees, incidents.

  • Employment contracts.

  • Accident reports.

  • Liquidation of social insurance contribution.

  • Payrolls, tax retention certificates.


Our aim is to perform, monitor and analyze your accounts, so that the annual accounts are easier to complete. We also prepare and submit your tax returns and all type of formalities with the Tax Administration Authorities, Register of Companies etc

Services provided:

  • Company accounting based on information provided by the client.

  • Accounting Advice.

  • Filing and liquidation of Tax declarations
    (VAT, Corporate income tax, withholdings, personal income tax, etc…)

  • Representation of the client before the Tax Office.

  • Commercial Debt recovery,

SERVICES Administration Consultancy...

Our registered administrative and financial agent can deal directly, on the client’s behalf, with different Official Organizations, such as the Driving Licence and Vehicle Authority, City Councils, Registers.

The Colegio de Gestores Administrativos (Spanish Association of Administrative Professionals) allows us to access a network of professionals all around Spain, with no extra cost.

Tax Liquidation

  • Transfer tax and Legal Acts.

  • Succession and donation tax.

  • Non-Residents’ income tax.

Registry of Deeds

  • Registration of title deeds.

  • Extracts from the land register.

  • Property ownership certificates.

Commercial Registry

  • Registration of companies and social agreements.

  • Legalization of Official books and presentation of annual accounts.

  • Domain reserve registration.

  • Registry reports on companies, certifications.

City Councils

  • Construction licenses.

  • Business opening licenses.

  • Capital gains tax on the sale of property.


  • Registrations.

  • Transfers.

  • Vehicle scrapping.

  • Road tax.

Insurance Brokerage

Our office has also a qualified Insurance Broker, able to advise and recommend to you the most appropriate policy for your needs, acording to each specific risk, always at the lowest cost, as we work with a number of different insurance companies.

Other affairs

In ÁGUEDA ASESORES we know how difficult and bothersome it can be for our clients, in terms of waste of time, to do the almost always necessary groundwork.
This is why we are always on hand to help you, no matter how specific the matter could be.

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